E-Lit Example

Ah by K Michel and Dirk Vis illustrates Calvino’s quality of quickness. The piece plays in a stream of consciousness style, with words flowing across the screen like water. Visually, Michel and Vis represent simultaneity of thought by printing several words on top of each other. This makes it difficult to read, but reflects the instantaneous and fleeting nature of thought.


The visual divergence and convergence of the storylines into textual “tributaries,” if you will, adds interest and reflects the mind’s tendency to leap from one though to another. The chance to read each word is gone in an instant, and once it leaves, we have no way to backtrack. The story keeps pushing relentlessly forward. As we read and interpret the work, we begin to decipher its structure and discover the logical patterns of in animation, similar to the way we understand the plot of Paperman. Quickness necessitates learning and growing along with the text, rather than understanding all of it immediately.

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