My own experience of lightness in the book comes from reading about Clay and Neel’s experience reading The Dragon Song Chronicles in sixth grade. When Clay first arrives at the bookstore, he explains his love of books to Penumbra:

” ‘Tell me,’ Penumbra said, ‘about a book you love.’ I knew my answer immediately. No competition. I told him, ‘Mr. Penumbra, it’s not one book, but a series. It’s not the best writing and it’s probably too long and the ending is terrible, but I’ve read it three times, and I met my best friend because we were both obsessed with it back in sixth grade.’ I took a breath. ‘I love The Dragon Song Chronicles.'”



This scene captures the essence of Calvino’s lightness. Furthermore, Clay’s knowledge of The Dragon Song Chronicles allows him to approach problem-solving in a creative way by imagining problems as scenarios from the book.

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