Aesthetics 2

Now that I’ve come full circle in this project for Internet Literature, I have a solid idea of my own aesthetic and how it relates to my adaptations of literature. One of the things that resonates most with me in Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore is the dichotomy between old and new. This relates to my aesthetic very nicely: I have a healthy respect for tradition and appreciation for the rich symbolism and history of art, but I am also interested in innovation, technology, and pushing language to its limits. Mr. Penumbra really captures the heart of my aesthetic in its fusion of the old and new. In some ways, this blog has been a chronicle of my journey from the pomegranate (my emblem and the central symbol of fertility and creative imagination in mythology and art) to the digital shelves of the bookstore. I see this blog project as my own digital shelves, where I organize and present my knowledge, interests, and aesthetics, which are steeped in history and tradition, in a format which lends itself to a tech savvy society.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey. Festina Lente.

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