I’ve spent most of this week looking at other representations of my chosen work on the internet. The book hasn’t been made into a movie, which is nice in some ways because it means I don’t have anything to live up to in my adaptation, and I’m free to use my own ideas and visuals. However, there also isn’t too much about this book on the internet. There’s a short blurb on the author’s website, but so far, the only other things I’ve found are book reviews and people mentioning the book on their personal blogs.


Here’s a link to the author’s website:

I did find one personal blog where the author had mapped out the major points of the story and linked to supplementary materials providing further information on the facts behind the fiction. This was actually quite helpful, as the author’s mapping of the story is closely related to my own answers to Krevolin’s Big Seven questions. Although my own blog is geared more toward the aesthetic aspects of the book, it was helpful to see how another blogger organized her own project surrounding the book.

Here’s the blogger’s page:

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